The blockbuster new life-manual and tool for anyone who loves a senior and any senior who wants to ensure their desires and needs are met while they age.


"While reading this book I had one “ah-ha” after another. It articulates the feelings of many seniors and their families as they navigate the aging process and brings so much of the silent things we know in our heads to the surface. Through the insights and relatable stories seniors and their families will open their hearts and minds, improve their relationships and the quality of their lives. It is easy to read, nurtures the reader through a sensitive subject, and would apply to anyone’s life situation. An excellent tool!"Julieann Anderson, Owner Home Instead Senior Care, Sonoma CA

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Despite our denial, tomorrow always comes. But what your tomorrow will look like and feel like will depend on how ready you are to embrace it.

Caring for elderly parents can be very difficult for the adult child especially when a crisis is what typically creates the need for a conversation about senior care. My hope is that I may assist you to think preventively when in comes to your aging parents.

Their need for control and your need for peace of mind will be satisfied when denial is set aside, a conversation occurs, and a plan for the aging years is created cooperatively long before the need arises.

You wouldn’t go on vacation without making a plan, buying your tickets, reserving your car and hotel room, buying your suntan lotion, packing your bags. So too, must you take the time today to plan for the aging years. In doing so, you the senior, will maintain control of your life by having all your wishes implemented. And you the adult child, will have peace of mind because when the time comes to implement the plan, you will know what to do and not feel the guilt associated with uncertainty. (Click below for a short video description of Ali's work for Chelsea's dad.)

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What a gift of love this planning time will be for you all. I am so excited for you. Because in the process of creating this plan, you will discover a new dimension to your relationships, a new friendship, and a new way of communicating with each other.

And although you may be a little or even a lot reluctant to have this discussion, I promise you that it will be by far less painful than to find yourselves later in the throws of a crisis and not have this plan in place.

I wish for you all a great journey of self-discovery, compassion and love. Doing this together will enhance your relationship and empower your lives.

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